About the paintings

Hi! What could I tell you about me? Let me think...
If I start from the beginning, we will see what comes up, okey?

I live in Sweden, since the year I was born 1965.
Like most people, I created a lot when I was just a little kid.
I used to love to draw and paint, and I did it always.

In school my favorite class of course was drawing
and painting.


As I grew up,
I started to do just that; I grew up. That means that I started
not to have time for things as drawing and painting, because it is only children
who are allowed to play and have fun all day, grownups have to work to get money
to live. I started out trying different occupations, to find something that was fun to
work with, such as nanny, secretary, cashier in a food store, and last but not least
I was working as a policewoman for six years. I liked all my jobs,
they were ok, but I was not totally ecstatic about them.


Now; I never thought about that I could do it the
other way around; I mean do something I really loved to do,
and develop it into being my work. I would probably never have
believed that this was possible, unless I had been convinced
by a friend to take a course in personal development.

The course was led by a woman named Sandy Levey,
and it was about how to create your dreams to come true,
( I had not even had an idea about what my dreams were ! )
and shortly after taking that course, I resigned from the
Police force, without having a new employment.


I did not know what to do for a living, but I had lot of support in every way,
from my fiancé ( who is now my husband ). Before I resigned, I had taken a wonderful
paintings class, for two swedish painters; Stig Owe Jemseby and Torbjörn Flatnes ( I really
want to thank them for the way they are; incredibly positive and spiritually open minded,
and for the incredible paintings they have brought to humanity ). In their class I found
a way of painting that is truly my own, and gradually, after taking their class,
I have realized that I am supposed to paint, simply because I love it.


 I am grateful today, to the turns my life has taken. I can
understand that things that have happened in my life, have happened for my
own good ( even though I did not always think so), so I had the possibilities to make
some decisions about how I would like to live my life. I would not have been
as happy and content as I am today, if some things had not happened
to me, wich I did not approve of or like when they happened.
I have learned that changes might be scary,
but that does not mean that they are bad.

I am acctually living my dream now;
I am working as an artist, and I am hopefully making a diffe-
rence in the world, through sharing my paintings, and by supporting myself and
others to let go of negative perception, through communication and Body Harmony,
wich is a very soft release method for the body. I am also supporting
The Hunger Project to end hunger in the world,
by unleashing the human spirit.


About my paintings, and the way I paint,
I can tell you this: it is a total adventure ! I start out without
having any idea about what I am going to paint. I just choose the colors I like
for the moment, and I start to play with them. I then look for the beginning
of something, and when I see something, I start to follow/develop it.
I go with the flow, so a painting can (and often does) change
a lot from the start until I have finished the painting.

The paintings have messages for me.
Sometimes I realize very quickly what they are about,
and sometimes it takes me a long time to get it. I want to share these
paintings and messages with the rest of the world. I know that you might see
and understand other things than I do, and I would like to know your
interpretation, so please feel welcome to send me a comment !


I would like to give you a word
of support on the way of life;

Remember that perception is a matter of choice.
May you always be able to choose to see from Love!



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